We strongly believe that data science and predictive analytics should be available to everyone
With the clear benefits that data science and machine learning bring, large organizations have increasingly integrated these tools into their decision making process in order to generate real value for their businesses
For companies with limited resources this has been hard to achieve as it requires a specialist skill set, the ability to integrate and manipulate data from multiple different sources and the ability to build machine learning models and visualize data, leading to long project lead times and high costs


The Challenge
Users want to work with their own data from all the sources that they understand and use every day whether they are from Excel, Databases, CSV files, APIs or even PDFs
They need to tie all of these disparate sources together in an easy, sensible and meaningful way, to analyze this data to achieve actionable business insights, better understand their clients and drive their business forward
The Solution
Imagine being able to drop your Excel files onto a web page, easily link them all together, join them to other sources of data such as information from databases and external third party sources
Then, at the click of a button run automated machine learning on this joined up data to make useful, actionable predictions that can be visualized on a web dashboard or saved to Excel or a database, and if you want to try something different just experiment -you are in contol


Our Answer Is Evogl.io


Working With Real World Data

Complementary Predictive Engines

Different Approaches For Different Challenges


Generating Value


From Identifying and Understanding the Business Challenge to Production in a Simple, Cost Effective Way

The Platform

The Evogl.io platform (pronounced evo-lee-oh from the Italian 'to want') contains everything that is needed to deliver real predictive insights from your business data linked together in such a way that much of the complexity is removed

It can be hosted by us or on your hardware for added security at an indivdual, departmental, company or cloud level. It will even run on a laptop but when the time comes, it scales

About Us
Our principals are highly experienced, having worked in and with a broad range of blue chip companies. Their backgrounds are in Financial Services, IT and Data Science working on complex problems at a senior level

Areas of expertise include Programme & Project Management, Enterprise Risk, Simulation Design, Software Development, System Implementation, Database Design, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning
Our Services

We originally built this platform for ourselves in order to provide a flexible framework to meet two challenges that we repeatedly encountered

The first is to be able easily tie together and manipulate disparate sources of data to create data sets that are genuinely useful

The second is to provide a simple way to use automated machine learning to derive valuable insights from this data

We believe in "the democratization of data science" as the Harvard Business Review put it and that others should have a lower barrier of entry to using machine learning and predictive analytics

Our approach is to help you achieve your goals in the quickest and easiest way possible and then remain as engaged as much as you want us to be going forward

We have the experience and expertise to support you every step of the way from working with you to understand the business challenge and how to approach it, to identifying the sources of your data, helping you to prepare it in the best way

Once you understand your data we can support you in getting the best possible predictive results and visualization to enable you to drive extra value from your business

Depending on the type and scope of the project, once we have helped achieve the goals, it is up to you whether you continue to use the platform going forward or use it as a springboard for your next phase

Some of the People We Work With