The Challenge

With the clear benefits that predictive analytics and big data bring, large organizations have moved key parts of their decision approach to a data driven perspective
As the tools have matured, the capability to allow desktop users to run their own analytics against these large datasets has allowed actionable business insights to be generated at a corporate unit level and with the rise of machine learning the game is changing again
A Way to Gather & Enrich Data

There are a number of challenges working with real world data:

  • It may come from a number of sources including corporate or external databases and Excel workbooks to name a few.
  • It needs to be cleaned up before you can make good use of it
  • It needs to be enriched to get the most from its analysis.
A Way to Analyze It
  • There are already a set of established and well known tools to perform the traditional kind of predictive analytics that are used the world over and we have integrated these into the platform.
  • As the world of machine learning has matured,  the various machine learning  frameworks have matured as well and we have integrated the most common of these.
  • For many real world problems we are now at a point where real analysis can be carried out on a desktop PC using a high-end graphics card to perform the huge amount of calculations required.


A Way to Visualize It
  • We've tied all of this to a world class business analytics dashboard so that you can analyze your output and generate valuable actionable business insights.
  • These insights can then be integrated into your processes to increase revenues and achieve your business goals.
  • As you move to a business-as-usual state,  dashboards can easily be constructed  showing key performance and risk indicators on a real-time basis.

The result is

From Identifying and Understanding the Business Challenge to Production in a Cost Effective Way
The Platform
The platform contains everything that is needed to deliver real insights from your business data linked together in such a way that much of the complexity is removed. Its components can be hosted on your hardware for added security at a departmental, company or cloud level and when the time comes, it scales.
Our Services
We have the experience and expertise to support you every step of the way from working with you to understand the business challenge and how to approach it, to identifying the sources of your data, helping you to prepare it in the best way.

Once you understand your data we can support you in model and visualization design through to helping you to successfully implement the platform to enable you to drive extra value from your business.
About Us
Our principals are highly experienced consultants having worked in and with a broad range of blue chip companies. Their backgrounds are in Financial Services, IT and Data Science working on complex problems at a senior level.

Areas of expertise include Programme & Project Management, Enterprise Risk, Simulation Design, Software Development, System Implementation, Database Design, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning.

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